A natural alternative to chlorine and salt pools

Natural Pool 2.jpgMany people find their skin is sensitive to the chemicals used in conventional pools, or simply want a green alternative. Natural pools offer the fun and visual flair of a custom pool free from many of the costs normally associated with running a pool including chemicals and electricity bills which can be substantially reduced.

The water is so clean in a natural pool that it can be compared to a mountain stream. Not only is the water completely safe to swim in, it can be recycled on your garden, indoor plants, and in any natural water holding system your property uses. Your pool literally becomes a part of the natural environment.

Swimming in a natural pool feels smoother on your skin, and there is no need to shower after swimming. As there is no chlorine your swimwear wont deteriorate and your pool surface and equipment will last longer.

How does a natural pool filter the water without chemicals?

There are several systems we recommend, depending on your exact needs. They all involve oxidising the water naturally and safely – which removes the need for harsh chemicals. Many natural pool filtration systems ionise the water, adding particles of ozone, silver and copper, which keeps the pool naturally clean and safe for people.

All of the systems we install are made right here in Australia, and are leaders in the market. This means your pool and its natural filtration system has been developed specifically for the Perth climate. Before it has even been installed, your natural pool is ready to face the hot, dry WA summer with ease. Your whole family will enjoy the refreshing, silken feeling of naturally-filtered water year-in, year-out.

Natural Pool Gold innovation award 2014.jpgDid you know that all natural spring water is purified by ozone before being bottled? Did you also know that Olympic swimming pools use natural ozone purification? It makes sense... with hundreds of athletes travelling from all over the world, it would be impossible to maintain a level playing field if some are more sensitive to chlorine than others. Plus, after spending hours in a chlorinated pool, even people with non-sensitive skin feel the effects. So, Olympic pools use the same ionisation and oxidisation technology we offer– because if it's good enough for our top swimmers then why not the whole family!

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Natural Pool Floreat 2.jpg


“When we decided to finally get creative with our backyard we knew it would be a challenge.
There were quite a few constraints, including limited area to build our pool with a limestone retaining wall, an existing alfresco pavilion and our existing residence very much defining the available building envelope.
And then there were the design constraints.
We did not want the pool to look like a 'pool', we wanted a large pond.
We wanted a natural 'pond' with no chemicals, minimal maintenance and the ability to backwash onto our brand new garden.
The position of the house and the orientation limited the hours of sunshine on the pool but we wanted to swim all year round if possible, day and night!
Without heating.
Access to build our pool was also limited to a narrow gate at the side of our property.
And last of all, we, the client were an architect and an orthodontist (both with an eye for detail).
Any self respecting pool builder should have run a mile with alarm bells ringing in their ears.
Add a splash did not!
Instead together we transformed our garden and lives with a 6m x 3m pool separated but visually connected with a 3m x 1m pond complete with water plants and Koi.
The construction was a cavity brick, concrete filled, rendered and finished with a black potable vinyl liner.
During the day our pool is a mirror for blue sky, clouds and the trees around us.
At night it is a mirror for millions of stars floating in the black of space above us.
It is always changing and we are constantly enthralled.
The pool temperature (without any heating) allows swimming all year round, day and night.
To say that our pool was a success would be an understatement.
Someone once said that you do not give clients what they want. You give them what they never dreamed possible.
In this case, we as a team with Add a splash, created a truly unique and very successful solution to a complex and varied set of physical and design constraints.”

- Brian from Floreat