Let your imagination run wild with a custom pool design

2011 Gold 2 Hillarys.jpgBecause we are the experts in vinyl-lined pools, we can customise our designs completely. The versatility of vinyl allows us to create unique shapes and sizes, unlike fibreglass – which comes prefabricated. This also means that when a client comes to us with a totally unique design in mind, our answer is always 'no worries'.

When we build a custom pool, we make sure that the design ticks all the right boxes. The pool needs to fit with the available space, while adding a complementary aesthetic to the house. The design needs to be practical and safe, but also built for fun and enjoyment. We literally customise our pools so that they enhance your way of life.

Whether you're a big family, a young family, or just getting started, a pool provides the perfect space for bringing everyone together. From small homes with couples, to large properties home to several generations, we have designed custom pools for every need. Our custom pools will suit your space and your budget, and allow you to let your imagination loose.

A custom pool is like art for your garden

By designing a pool from scratch, you unlock endless possibilities. A custom pool design can work in an unusually-shaped or sized area where a conventional fibreglass pool wouldn't fit.

Some clients have a vivid picture in their mind of what they want, while others have a blank canvas. We work very closely with our customers to bring their vision to life, and offer advice and help for those who are undecided on what kind of pool they want.


Why choose vinyl?

Choosing an Add A Splash pool interior doesn't just allow you to custom design the pool of your dreams, it is also setting yourself up for the best long-term results. Unlike other materials, our premium vinyl membrane doesn't chip, crack, flake or lose its colour. With correct maintenance, a vinyl pool will outlast a concrete or fibreglass pool. If there is ever call for renovation or extension, vinyl will be the most economic and the most durable option.

Owner Builder

If you are a builder or a handyman we also offer assistance with consultation on design and can provide help every step of the way, from assisting with the build to providing the liner and the pump and filtration system.

Contact us to have all your questions answered

When you're ready to live out your pool dream contact us and one of our helpful consultants will be happy to walk you through all of your options – working with you to bring the most awesome, most economical design to life.




“You guys were great! The service was spectacular.”

- Sam from Medina